A Fire Safety Plan shall include, but not limited to:

  • a building fire safety audit
  • documentation pertaining to building resources, supervisory staff, and personnel
  • fire department information regarding all fire protection devices and equipment in the building
  • emergency and fire drill procedures for occupants
  • fire safety plan drawings, and emergency evacuation wall-mounted plaques
  • service and maintenance schedules for fire protection equipment

National and Provincial Fire Codes and Municipal Bylaws require Fire Safety Plans for certain types of building occupancies, conforming to the requirements of Part 2, Section 2.8 of the National and Provincial Fire Codes. The local “Authority Having Jurisdiction” (typically the local fire department) must review and approve this plan. The owner of the building, or authorized agent of the owner, is responsible for the development, implementation, and regular updating of the plan.

The Fire Safety Plan is contained in a marked red vinyl binder, with an electronic copy saved by the owner. The binder is usually stored in a Fire Safety Plan Box, located near the alarm panel inside the building, with evacuation plans posted at strategic locations throughout the building.

EMT Safety Planners works with clients to design, develop, install, and implement Fire Safety Plans that conform to all relevant codes and local bylaws, and are based on site-specific and unique conditions of an individual building or site.

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