Construction Fire Safety Plans

A Construction Fire Safety Plan is required prior to the commencement of construction, alteration or demolition operations as per National and Provincial Fire Codes Part 2, Section 2.8 and Part 5, Section 5.6. The Construction Fire Safety Plan applies to the specific construction area; however, where the construction is an addition, the plan must address facilities in the existing building, where facilities such as exiting, fire separations, or fire systems are altered, and impact on the safety of occupants in the existing building. The local “Authority Having Jurisdiction” (the fire department) must approve this plan. The owner or authorized agent of the owner is responsible for the implementation and content maintenance of the plan and has a legal duty to ensure that the building complies with the regulations at all times. Failure to comply to the regulations the may result in penalties levied against the owner.

General guidelines may be slightly different for each local juridiction, however Construction Fire Safety Plans contain building information useful to Fire and Rescue crews.

EMT Safety Planners works with clients to design, develop and implement Construction Fire Safety Plans that conform to all relevant codes and local bylaws.